Fat Cow Disease

I weighed myself this morning and was horrified with the appalling news that I have gained 7lbs. Yes, 7 frigging lbs. How could this happen?! Mortified I punched myself in the stomach a few times and went straight to the gym at 6.30am for a grueling spin session before work.

I’ve not weighed myself in almost 2 months, and have found it hard to justify this weight gain considering I go to the gym 5 times a week. No, it’s not muscle – which is just a lie people tell themselves when in the grips of deniaI – and after I gave it some thought and stopped pretending it was the dodgy scales I had to admit that it is all my fault. Here are the reasons why:

Lulu Le Vay’s Food Diary, from November 2010-Jan 2011

I’m a greedy fat pig. And that’s the end of it. Gillian McKeith, where are you?!!!!!!


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