Nutrition Spotlight

Now, this may be a bit dull compared to the majority of my posts, but today I want to share and celebrate the joy of food, post work-out. For all those who exercise regularly, there is nothing quite like stuffing your face afterward. The overwhelming, burning desire to shove food in your gob is a bit like being hungover – those morsels barely touch the sides.

The mistakes I have made with food in training have made real impact. Every time I have trained for a marathon I’ve gained a stone – no laughing matter. I was under the naive impression that I could eat what the hell I wanted. Alas – unless you’re one of those irritating fuckers with an abnormally high metabolism (I hate you) – this is just not the case. Dirty fry-ups after a training run, if you want to lose weight, is not the way forward. Sniffle.

Fear not, dear readers, as there are ways to shovel food in your cake-holes which hits the starvation spot post run, swim, gym session which avoids heaving on those unwelcome calories. Here are my current favourites:

Chicken & Hummus Wrap

Warm up a wrap in the microwave

Slap on some low fat hummus

Light fry half a chicken breast (diced) and shove on

Slice some carrots, red onion, tear some fresh coriander and bung on top

Loads of black pepper and a good gloop of low fat salad cream

Wrap up into a sexy bundle and stuff it in your face immediately

Spicy Mackerel Salad

Grab a bundle of spinach and chuck in a bowl

Grate some carrots and throw in

Thinly slice red onions and white cabbage and beef it all up

Tear up a generous amount of fresh coriander and mix it all up

Get a good 1 and a half portions of cooked peppered mackerel and tear the skin off. Rip the flesh up with your hands and stick it in

For the dressing: chopped fresh chili, garlic, french mustard, red wine vinegar, olive oil,  lime juice

Sexy bowl of nosh or what. Be aware, your inner Super Woman will be unleashed. Look out.

Disclaimer: If you think you spot me in a kebab shop in Shoreditch, it’s not me. This must be someone who happens to look like me – not as good looking, obviously – with some very (ahem) unsavoury habits.


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