Gymwatch! meets Gymbox

Who would’ve thought? Gobby fitness blog Gymwatch! being invited down to London sports-meets-clubbing concept Gymbox in Bank to experience their wares.

As a virgin Gymbox visitor where does one start? Is it a gym? Is it a club? It was like walking into a warehouse venue during office hours (with live DJs) with the luminous yellow and orange walls, glittering chainmail Gymbox logo shimmering seductively behind the counter, and a bunch of chiseled VPTs (very personal trainers) scampering around the gaff as if they were about to break out into a dance routine on top of a podium. A heady whirl of muscles, Hollywood smiles and tattoos – what more could a girl ask for? (don’t worry lads – the female VPTs are pretty damn hot, too).

Out of the plethora of fitness classes on offer (‘Look Better Naked’ to ‘Thug Workout’) I decided to go for ‘The Rave’. Buzzing full of nostalgia for ‘back in the day’ I was up for embracing the GloSticks and throwing some shapes old school style – but I had no idea I’d be doing this whilst leaping about on a trampette. Doing the ‘big box small box’ and trying not to fall off an extremely small trampoline was a challenge not to be sniffed at.

Success! After 45 minutes of hurling myself around raver style in a darkened room I felt pretty amazing – I’d completed a decent aerobic workout and had a brilliant laugh (at myself) in the process. I’d been able to shake off the day with a bit of unashamed ‘fun’, which really was quite the tonic.

And yes, this old raver remembered the tunes the first time around…

For more on Gymbox, click HERE


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