Blood, sweat and smells!

For the third time in a week, someone has been letting off in the gym. Yes, that’s right ‘dropping a wally’, ‘letting one go’ – basically being disgusting filthy pigs (I love pigs, so no offense little ones. It’s the big people pigs i’m referring to).

Just when I’ve been in the zone mid-treadmill, or getting a sweat-on with the free weights, a gut-stirring stench comes wafting under my nose. GROSS. The smell was so bad the other morning¬† I almost gagged mid chest press.

What is wrong with people? And I know some of you reading this are the offenders. Just because you have your headphones on as fart ear muffs doesn’t mean that your windy arse doesn’t stink!

Next time, when you’re giving the treadmill some serious welly and you really want to let one go – hold the fucker in!


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