Weighting Around

Gripe time! Those people who work out in the free weights area, take some advice. Clear up your shit when you’re done! Twice this week at my local gym in Lewisham I’ve had to clear away weights, matts and benches (and empty bloody water bottles) which were left scattered around cluttering up the space with no consideration for other people, like a skanky teenager’s bedroom (minus cum-stained posters of Kelly Brook).

But today I had enough (I was hungover, not taking any shit) and refused to be the apoplectic mother in a huff clearing up after lazy teenage boys. Talking of which, I looked around to see where the gym staff were and I spotted 4 bored personal trainers (one with a black eye, nice) hanging about at the counter all goggling over god-knows-what on the gym manager’s iPhone. WTF. Calmy I semi-stomped over and demanded that they put all the gear away, pronto, as it was effecting my training focus.

Clearly irritated, the manager sent his team off for operation clear up – and they didn’t look happy, not that I give a hoot. So take heed, next time you’re in the gym, just remember to put your crap away, as it really does create impact on your fellow members fitness motivation. It’s just like clearing up your desk/office when you need to get some work done, the same applies to the gym floor.

Clutter is for losers, not winners! So don’t be a tosser! Keep Britain’s gyms tidy!


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