Sweaty Betty!

Technology in sports wear is hugely important if you train hard and you train fast – like some of us. Well, I give it what I can when I work out and I sweat like a 20 stone Sumo wrestler sprinting for a bus, so this Dri-Fit tech material is a must-have for bringing out the best peformance possible. Or is it?

According to Nike: ‘Dri-Fit goes above and beyond a typical moisture-wicking material. Instead of simply wicking sweat other moisture away, Nike Dri-Fit moves moisture to a fabric layer away from the skin where it can evaporate. This leaves the skin protected, comfortable and cool’. Well this is all a load of bollocks – it doesn’t work! I have just bought a new Nike Dri-Fit swooshy cool t-shirt and I left the gym today looking like i’d just been dunked in a river, more so than in another training top I have. I looked great, but felt frigging uncomfortable. Dri-Fit? Lie-Fit, more like.

As much as I like Nike gear – my entire sports wardrobe is heaving with the stuff, it is the best – why do they market the more hipster side of their lines which simply can’t deliver the hi-tech Dri-Fit promise? The only solution is this: lose the Dri and just embrace the FIT. Get one’s body into such good shape you can forget clothes altogether.


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