Power Songs

Music and running have never been so beautifully connected as by some key contemporary dance music producers in the last few years, and hopefully more artists will soon be chasing that adrenaline music hit.

Blazing the trail was of course LCD Soundsystem with 45.33, a genius and heart-swelling Nike-commissioned composition of music to run to that reached the music-loving community more than the runners it was initially aimed at. If you’ve not heard it, then download today and take it out for a spin.

Following on from this inspired Nike+ release, the brand then commissioned running mixes by Aesop Rock and A-Trax and 90s flowery hip hop heavyweights De La Soul.

Good effort, but doesn’t even come close to the original and innovative slice of audio pleasure that was 45.33.

But now the interest in creating music inspired by running is reaching out beyond the Nike framework, with the release last year of Maurice Fulton’s new Boof! album, which features a track called ‘Lulu’s Going To Win The Race’, which was inspired by me. I was hugely flattered, naturally, and the music is hypnotic and beautiful – tried and tested out on the streets of South London.

But this isn’t enough, us runners need more soundtracks to motivate us through hours of training every week to help keep those endorphins flowing. Music creators and record labels out there reading this – be inspired by the path paved by innovative brands such as Nike and artists such as LCD.

The bar has been set, do you have the vision and the enterprise to take up the pace?


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