Big Top, Small Bottom

Always curious to investigate the latest fad of classes, I decided to check out Gymbox’s latest addition to their colourful roster, Circus Circuits, at their newest venue in Farringdon.

A Monday night sweat-off after a day’s slog in the office is a great way to kick start the working week, unless of course you’ve decided to stay out until 2am on the Sunday night swigging back pints of lager and shaking down the dance floor at camp south London knees-up Horse Meat Disco to the house beats of DJ legend Kenny Dope. Erm. Cough… don’t look at me!

OK, busted! But like all true contemporary fitness fanatics, a late night and a sore head didn’t deter me from embracing an innovative workout to shake off the disco haze. If anything, Circus Circuits was simply a sideways shuffle from one colourful space to another. Instead of breaking into a sweat grinding up against hot gay black men with their tops off I managed to flex and tone some serious muscle by taking on an avant-garde work-out with ropes, hoops and a trapeze. Yes, really – a trapeze.

I admit, when I saw the gear being hooked up from the ceiling the fear did almost make me moonwalk the hell out of there, but once assured of the safety by bubbly class instructor Laura, the adrenaline of the challenge kicked in. Never has hanging off a hoop by one’s legs upside down to do some sit-ups and clambering up silk drapes been such an amusing way to do a traditional circuit session with a twist. And man, does it tighten your inner core? Yes, hooray! At last I’ve found it. I knew it was in there somewhere.

But be warned, this is not a session for the feint hearted or for those hipster wannabes who go to the gym to simply stand about posing by the water cooler. Prepare to laugh at yourself whilst being caught in daft positions looking a bit of a wally, and waking up the following day with aches in places you never realised existed.

Circus Circuits. No time to clown around, take part in London’s most shockingly colourful workout to get some tight abs, strong upper body and a smaller bottom!

See the full Gymbox post here.


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