Pimp MyRide

The first time I did a Spin class I nearly threw up and burst into tears (at the same time) after 3 minutes. I couldn’t believe it – after years of cycling around London and taking on the hilly Sussex countryside, I made the misguided assumption that cycling on a stationary bike in a gym studio would be a ‘piece of piss’. Smug cow. The painful clock-watching (how long does 5 minutes take for chrissakes!) and trembling outer thigh muscles sent me off out of the studio, not to return for weeks until my pride was partially restored.

Once I decided to grow a pair and give it another go, it got less hideous and more enjoyable each time I did it. But it took some time. A year on and I go 2-3 times a week, and get more out of it than a 6 mile run, and am convinced burn twice the calories. And it seems like I am not the only one who’s been seduced by the spinning spell. Not only are there classes in every gym, but now hi-tech innovation has given it a spoke up the backside. Here at Gymwatch! we made a special visit to our friends at the new Virgin Active fitness escape 200 Aldersgate to test out their fancy-pants MyRide studio. A spanking clean studio with hand towels on every bike was just the start of the joy that was ahead. Want to be distracted from the clock and take your mind of elsewhere whilst feeling the burn? Then this is the answer, MyRide pimps out a massive screen which takes you across different terrains across the globe, from picturesque snowy mountain tops to inner city bedlam, with the fitness instructor guiding you through each landscape and gradients making it as painful as possible. For our own good, of course. Yes, I get it, a better body is on the other side of that vile gigantic hill.


After 45 minutes I thought the pool of sweat on and under the bike was going to make me slip off and go flying right through the screen. And apart from the initial dizziness, it was certainly worth the ride. Hi-tech fitness in all its glory. But, it has to be said, I do miss that country air when I am speeding down hills frolicking on two wheels through the pictureque sussex landscape…

Oh, and I do need to apologise: I chucked a half drunk Americano in the waste basket outside the studio, only realising afterwards that it was in fact the towel bin. Sorry about that…


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