Opera-tunity Knocks!

I felt slightly embarrassed that when I reviewed innovative circuits class Circus Circuits last month I was hungover from throwing down some disco shapes at Horse Meat Disco the previous night. It seems a pattern is emerging as this month, for featured new class Opera Spin, my training schedule the night before didn’t consist of an early night, water and wheat fusilli (as planned) but the swilling down of lager, cocktails and vast amounts of red wine – all stuffed down with sausage pizza and fudge tart. The planned 10pm bedtime was replaced by an erratic cycle home and passing out in all my clothes at 2am.

The shame. But, despite 4 hours sleep and a revolting craving for a meat pie for breakfast (cough, no I didn’t, honest) I was determined to show all of you what can be achieved, with no excuses! It was time to grow a pair. A hangover? Pah, what hangover. Time to woman up.

As a lover of spin, Opera Spin was something else, like nothing I’d experienced before. Before the music even started I was both wowed and wooed by the studio itself – a seductive cool red space (see picture) framed by neon lights and a blurry vision of oneself in the mirrors which was most flattering (although, in truth, it might well have been the red wine haze). Once the instructor Natalie kicked off the session – putting the F in Fierce, no kidding – and the sweat started to avalanche out of my booze-drenched pores, I was filled with the fear of falling off my bike and throwing up, but you know what? I didn’t. A hardcore work-out to electro-fied Pavarotti anthems sorted me right out. I could literally feel those extra calories I’d consumed leave my body in a rejected huff. See ya!

With a bit of self-discipline and an experienced instructor that kicks your lardon pizza-chomping arse into first gear – no excuses – one’s hangover can be obliterated into oblivion and normal(ish) service can be resumed.

So the next time you stumble home pissed out of your mind and the room starts spinning around, pack your gym kit for the following day as you can spin off your hangover with a good old-fashioned military-like gruelling – opera-tunity knocks!

For the full Gymbox experience, click here


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