For the last two days I have had difficulty standing up, sitting down – rolling out of bed – the pain in my Gluteus Maximus making me feel like a maximum pathetic wimp. Is this the recovery from a 15 mile cross-country run? Or a three-hour Muay Thai training session? No. The agonising pain in my derrier is down to a 40 minute game of squash. Lame or what?

I have done so many different sports over the years – 4 marathons, boxing in Thailand – but this has come as a total surprise. Having not picked up a racket of any sort for 23 years, I simply thought a quick game would be a morning warm-up, nothing too hard-core, to be followed by a run or a Spin class later on. How wrong could I be. After a grueling two games and 40 minutes later, not only did I look like I’d been dunked in the Thames head-first wheezing like an old lady, but I was thrashed by my niece. I basically had my arse whipped twice over, the pain of which being twice as disturbing.

The aches in my arse region may be  slowly disappearing, but the memory of the work-out isn’t. Nor the mental agility of the game which was as equally challenging. I am now fired up in re-igniting a Squash revival for 2013. Time to destroy the 80s cliché and re-embrace the sport – let’s squeeze back into those tiny white shorts and even better, show off our sexy and toned new backsides!


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