No Pain, No Gain

For those who didn’t know, I’m doing a Body Fat Percentage Loss Challenge (BFPLC) for Gymbox this month… This Friday is half-way mark, and I’m going to get my body fat measured to track my progress. I am intending to suck in everything I have jiggling about as hard as I can. However, I have to admit that despite a few slip-ups – a couple of roast potatoes and half a bottle of red wine may have accidentally fallen into my mouth over the weekend – I have stuck to the plan. I’ve stopped eating bread (cough, pretty much) and have cut down on shoving chocolate, beer and crisps in my gob. It’s been hard, but is getting easier.

I trained four times last week with Steve at the Holborn Gymbox. By Friday I did cry a little bit which I tried to hide from him but I think he saw. A couple of the other trainers have now started picking on me and making me do more stuff on top of the agreed training plan, such as dragging massive heavy boxes across the gym floor by a rope on tip-toes. Also when they see me about to punch the wall in floods of tears they shout ’little black dress!’ across the gym floor. They are the epitome of all evil. But despite the tears (did you know sweat is fat crying?) I have been feeling pretty amazing afterwards, even though I have to lie down in the changing rooms for 20 minutes before I can move.

My relationship with Steve is love/hate. I hate him during the 45 minutes of training and I want to hug him when it’s over. But regardless of my slightly unbalanced loathing/love of him the fact remains: trainers work. They push you to the max and the results are there: I can already feel my body getting stronger. I may be starving and sore half the time, but I’m stronger I tell you!

But now this week I am working on my own for half the time – only with Steve twice a week – which requires a lot of discipline. As we all know we just have to stop procrastinating, put the remote control (and bag of crisps) down, and get our arses out of the door. It’s a bit more embarrassing screeching ’F************ck that hurts!’ across the gym floor without the support of a trainer telling you to calm down and shut up, but sod it, no pain no gain. When we work out there’s no room for feeling self-conscious, even though some of us do. I’m determined to make this BFPLC work for me.

Today I’m going to take a rest from the programme and have just checked out the Warrior Workout at Bank (I am still recovering: excellent work-out), then back to Steve for training tomorrow morning at 8.30am. No more tears. I can do this..

Find out more about the challenge and read about all things Gymbox here. 


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