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It happened again. I fell over, arse-over-tit on Catford High Street, the day before New Year’s Eve.  There is a recurring pattern emerging – I always fall over in Catford and it is always when I am jet-lagged.  This has happened 4 times. One minute I am flying down the street at a good pace – headphones on, looking cool in all my new Nike gear, getting into my running groove – and then bang! my foot gets caught on a corner of an uneven piece of pavement and I am flying smash bang onto the street, rather than along it. My new leggings are now ripped and I have sexy bruises and scratches on my knees. And to be frank, there is no way one can style out an elephant-like stumble. Nevertheless. I always pick myself up and carry on.


Running off jet-lag is something I have always embraced, and recommended to others. Wherever I travel I always pack my trainers and it works – nothing like a run to shake off a long flight and get the blood pumping around your body again. It’s also the invigoration that comes when you are running through the streets of a new city – or the nostalgia of re-visiting one that you know well. I have run off jet-lag and travel fatigue in Berlin, Vienna, Sydney, Paris, Thailand, Jamaica… and never once have I made a c*** of myself and taken a tumble to the ground. I have recently been to New York and I went for a run an hour after stepping off the plane, and it was amazing. There’s nothing like the feeling of a runner’s high when you’ve just landed back in one of your favourite cities in the world.


It is something about Catford. Whether it’s the difference to one’s body when flying home, the impending misery of the end of a vacation, or the mental distraction of the environment – who the hell knows. One thing is for sure is that next time I come back from a long trip, I am re-directing my running route to Blackheath instead…


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