Spin On This

I’m so cross about this I’m not sure where to start. Actually, yes I do: there are bitches in my gym who steal my spin bike. There is a certain etiquette when it comes to spinning. Well, there is in my local Lewisham gym anyway. As someone who goes to spin classes three times a week, I am well versed in ‘the rules’ and adhere to them accordingly. It isn’t rocket science. 1) You book in advance. 2) You claim your bike by putting either a free weight, bottle of water or a towel on it. Easy.

However, there are some people who think it’s acceptable to ignore the above and take their own approach to claiming their bike, and their space in the class – basically a form of gym-bullying. This has now happened to me twice. Both times the ‘Gym Bitches’ in question have moved my ‘items’ off my claimed bike on the front row and moved them to a bike right at the back.


This happened again last night – by a woman who wasn’t even on the booked spin list (breaking rule #1). Between me claiming my bike and taking ten seconds to go and refill my water bottle, she had swiftly stolen my spot and refused to move upon my return. No-one had my back, and the staff member who witnessed the episode refused to act in my defence. This I find more of a crime than the act itself.  Isn’t fitness about inclusion, rather than exclusion?


You may think I am over-reacting, but behaviour likes this makes my once enjoyable visits to this gym sour and unpleasant. Storming out of a class almost in tears is not what I signed up for. I am still trying to figure out how to approach solving this situation. Bullying is not acceptable in any social sphere, within any social groups. I have my suspicions  – I am almost certain – about what is at play within this particular social context, but daren’t share them here for fear of a flogging.

So a word of advice for all those who love to go to spin classes. Respect your fellow spin members: don’t steal their bikes. As you never know when someone might tamper with the settings or a terrible accident might occur…


One thought on “Spin On This

  1. I’m shocked that the gym staff member didn’t get involved! Whats the point in reserving a place if someone can just turn up and take your spot!? Rubbish gym that deserves a complaint and well worth considering leaving. Have you complained to the gym to see what they say? I’ve been in a gym where someone tried that and the instructor flat out asked who had reserved and who didn’t, eventually the offending person owned up and gave up the bike (not before checking to see if anyone else owned up first). My current gym gives you a token which you hand over before the start of class. I won’t even get started with people taking the bike!!

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