Things that make you go Hmmmmm…

I’ve been putting off writing this post, but can no longer hold back. Am I the only one – or are there other women out there – who come close to reaching orgasm during exercise?

Now it’s happened more than a handful of times. Doing a hot and sweaty spin class can often get me aroused (come on ladies, no need to be coy) with all that bouncy bouncy seat straddling – plus the fact my mind keeps wandering off into thinking naughty things about my latest crush – but there have been a plethora of other episodes when I don’t have to jump onto something to (almost) get off. There are other fitness classes that seem to be flexing the more sensual and intimate parts of my body.


My midweek and weekend aerobics classes are currently the key initiators of this unplanned explosion of hotness. Doing the classic hip thrust move (erm, if you’re shoving your pelvic area in the air rhythmically and not getting a tingle then there’s something seriously wrong with you) and any type of core work is now stirring up a whole bag of surprises that I hadn’t bargained for. The first time it happened I came so close to climaxing that the shock forced me to leg it out of the studio pronto. I had to swiftly dash home to finish off what I had no intention of starting.

I never used to respond to exercises such as these with such random randiness, but perhaps the fitter I am becoming the more sexual I am becoming, too. It makes sense that being more in tune and connected to one’s body – feeling all the muscles working and getting more toned  – can do wonders for one’s libido. I physically and mentally feel more alive than I ever have before.


According to a recent study by Indiana University, I am not the only one experiencing EIOs (exercise induced orgasms) – otherwise known as ‘coregasms’. There have been reports of women falling off their bikes mid-orgasm and screeching with pleasure unexpectedly during sit-ups. Interestingly, according to the report, these ‘coregasms’ are not triggered by sexual daydreaming but by the physical exertion.

But you know what? I’m not ashamed or embarrassed. It’s just another benefit of keeping fit. Next time I feel a shudder down there I am going to take a breath, relax and let it go. But I’ll try not to fall off my bike in the process…


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