Walk of blame

Yet another cycling rant I’m afraid. This time it is about pedestrians.


I cycle every day and am continually amazed by the idiot pedestrians that are a danger to the road – to cyclists – almost causing accidents on every single journey I make on two wheels. For some reason it is considered perfectly acceptable to simply walk out onto the road without looking, walk down the middle of the road thinking it is a pedestrian zone or – as I witnessed yesterday – casually stand in the middle of the road having a chat with a mate, and not even attempting to move when a cyclist approaches.


What the f*** are you doing people?! It’s starting to do my head in. You guys out there walking the streets of London must take more care on the roads. You will get yourselves hurt if you pop out behind parked cars, or take your chances by legging it across the road through traffic, or the most dangerous is wandering aimlessly across the road without looking to your right – on the phone or texting – as this is where accidents happen. In the last two months I have crashed into two people for the aforementioned reasons. The most worrying incident was when I nearly hit a woman with a pram who appeared from nowhere wheeling her small child in a hazardous way across a busy road. Seeing a baby going flying into the air and being splattered is something I would really hope to avoid.

cyclist hits pedestrian 20120410

Pedestrians: you need to look after yourselves and other people or you will get yourselves seriously hurt. Cyclists need to be respected, and in return, we will respect you. Otherwise we will run you down!


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