OK so I’m going to sack off the #sydneybeachcountdown updates. Not because I’m not still training, but because that I’m now too hungover most days – well, we are in ‘party season’ –  that I’m forgetting to post up regular updates. And I get confused as to what I’ve done on what day. But take my word for it, I am still running, cycling and doing weights, and in the last three weeks I’ve lost 4lbs, despite the pints and chips – not to mention the late night cheese on toast and Hula Hoops on the last train home. After getting advice about not mixing weights and cardio in the same session, I’ve been splitting them across different days, and it’s worked. Let the proof be (literally) in the pudding. So if you want to manage the Xmas bloat, then you know what to do. I promise my training will continue in Sydney. I will keep you updated on any amusing anecdotes.




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