Staying Alive

Anyone who cycles in a major city knows the importance of cycle safety, but do we always adhere to the safety guidelines? Over the last 15 years I have been cycling around London – and beyond – and have, at times, become a bit too overly self-assured. Don’t deny it, you know what I mean – being a bit dare-devil by zipping through those diminishing cracks between buses, steaming through red lights. Not to mention leaving the helmet at home because you don’t to ‘mess up your barnet’ and refusing to don the fluoro cycling kit because you’re worried you’d look like a knob. Not to mention biking it home hammered after the pub. I’ve had so many near misses it doesn’t bear thinking about, regardless of being a good cyclist 99% of the time. I’ve been a idiot. But not any longer.

Since 2010, 54 cyclists have been killed in London alone. And there is nothing more chilling than seeing those white bikes scattered around our city. So, it’s time – if you haven’t already – to put vanity to one side, and make yourself cycle safe. And when you do, the impact on how you feel taking on the road is truly remarkable.

Mountain Warehouse are the best value and a great source for cycling kit. You really don’t need to drop a pointless fortune on designer gear. Functionality is key. From the usual lights and locks through to jackets, they also supply gloves and rucksacks. After all these years in London, I finally got my first fluorescent green cycling jacket. Not my usual fashionable attire I hang in my wardrobe, but one I knew was a compulsory addition.


It was actually surprising how I managed to pull off a ‘look’ (come on people, we can all style it out, somehow) and most importantly, I couldn’t believe how wearing it  has changed the way I feel whizzing about on my bike. Now I never leave home without it packed away in my rucksack.

I feel so much safer now. And with a new helmet, I can now take on the London streets and keep up my fitness, staying in one piece in the process…


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