Get Face Fit!

One thing we tend to overlook when we are training a lot is our skin. Running outside with grit flying all over the place, rolling around on gym floors wrestling foam rollers, and generally sweating a lot. Our pores open up and all the muck gets in. So listen up people – we have to look after our skin. Having regular facials is just as important as the monthly sports massage and physio appointments. Factor in your skin care and not only will you have a hot body, but the old mug will look pretty alright, too


So, as I’m not getting any younger (groan) I am listening to my own advice and am now seeing beauty specialist Reynagh Francomb of Beauty With Reynagh. Reynagh is great – she’s my age (cough, 25), and we can chat about acid house while she’s making me look ten years younger. Win win.

Our first session in a haven of a spot in central London, she introduced me to the Oxygen Therapy facial. According to Reynagh, as we age, the oxygen levels in our skin naturally decrease, leaving it less elastic and allowing fine lines to appear. And to be honest, two decades of battering myself with a combo of partying and exercise hasn’t helped. Oxygen therapy combines the use of oxygen and enzymes to resurface and hydrate the skin and provides anti-ageing skin rejuvenation, replenishing this lost oxygen. It feels really nice as well, like someone’s blowing scented air all over your face and sucking out all the bad stuff at the same time. Reynagh also uses massage and lymph drainage to leave your skin feeling and looking plump and revitalised. This was all topped off with this fancy thing called Led Light Therapy – which was a bit like a facial sun bed. It repairs skin and produces collagen, which is just what a girl needs as the clock of time ticks its evil tick. None of us can help getting older, but we can take care of ourselves to feel and look the best we can.


It all sounds very fancy but it works. I had the most relaxing time, is so important to ensure that we take care of ourselves and there’s something about having a facial that is not just good for your skin, but your insides, too. We must rest as much as we play. Taking some time out to have someone take over what our bodies need is fundamental for our general well-being.

Reynagh’s tips for looking after your skin while exercising:

* After high energy class or workout, you continue to perspire for up to two hours! Do not apply make-up, apply a light moisturiser straight after then apply a richer one after two hours to keep the skin hydrated.

* Spritz with rose water to freshen the skin while exercising.

* ALWAYS wear a SPF even in the winter months.

* Use a hydrating mask once or twice a week to keep the skin prepped and nourished.

* Cleanse morning and night with a suitable cleanser and cold water. This stimulates the blood flow.

* While we sleep our skin is rejuvenation, always apply a good rich moisturiser after cleansing.

You got it? Go on, treat yourself, book yourself a treatment with the lovely Reynagh. She’s pretty awesome – 07984 077701.


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