Late Nights, Smaller Outfits

For some reason in the third week of training with Gymbox VPT Richie Byrne, he decided to step it up to almost torture levels. This session was just before I left for Ibiza, and the whip was definitely being cracked – one can only presume to get me physically and mentally prepared for late nights and smaller outfits. You’ve got to be in it to win it. No pain no gain. And loads more cliched statements that are just as cringe-worthy.


After submitting a chapter for my PhD thesis the night before, this was actually what I needed. Spending 7-8 hours a day at my desk for the last three weeks – mostly staring into space in a slight panic, Redbull in hand – started to send me a bit loopy, so there was nothing quite like clearing the head with a session of dumbell presses, seated rows, elevated heel dumbell squats and walking lunges. Just writing that down has made my arse cheeks quiver – those walking lunges straight after squats is more testing than a conversation with Carol Vorderman. But with added nausea. But, I have to say, my strength is definitely building as I’m taking on more weights every time. Richie’s plan is working – it’s a steady process and the road to improving my fitness is well and truly embarked upon.

And just when you think the session has finally finished (who’s clock watching? Cough) you get finished off with prowler pushes. But this time with more weights loaded on and me pulling it with straps on. Oh, and with added squats, too. It’s all pain, all gain. The fact that I slipped into my black leather skirt at DC10 the night I arrived in Ibiza made it all worth while…


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