Run Hackney Run

I’ve decided to come out of retirement and take on what will be my 10th half marathon, the Vitality Run Hackney Half Marathon in, erm, Hackney, on May 10th. It starts and finishes at the quite atmospheric Hackney Marshes. I couldn’t face running another full marathon again, but the temptation of trying to out-run (or trip up, maybe?) a bunch of hipster beardies was just too much to turn down.


In all seriousness, this is one of London’s fave half marathons. A big upside being that loads of my muso fitness pals run it, so I will be able to meet them in the pub straight afterwards for a well-deserved piss-up. Probably at some painfully cool overly-priced beer joint which only sells pizza (on a Sunday?!) and has a DJ with a moustache. Could be worse.


Training-wise, I am in full swing, currently notching up around 40 kilometres a week, with a bit of help from some new kit kindly ‘donated’ from Reebok. However, the deal is if I don’t get a PB then I have to pay them back. Never going to happen.

Highlights of my training so far? Following a trail of puke from Hither Green to Catford one Sunday morning (I nearly knocked on the door where the final purge landed just to see how hungover he/she was), and out in Denmark running past some amazing looking shaggy sheep, which made me lose time as I couldn’t help but stop for a chat.


Roll on May 10th. And watch your back beardies, I’m coming for you.


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